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Artist research – Colours in the Breizh

I came across the work of Valerie Gardiner through one of the many Facebook groups I spend too much time lurking looking at a wide variety of textile and artistic work and trying to pluck up occasional courage in which … Continue reading

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Project 8 Refine and Review: Exercise 5.1 Review part 1

For me this is where the whole course will come together and the new research methodology will come into its own in order to produce a new body of work. I start by reviewing all the work completed thus far … Continue reading

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Essay Plan – Exterior influences: What lessons and influences have I gained from the study of other practitioners and how have I implemented these into my own work? What impact has doing this course had on my working practices?

INTRODUCTION Main focus for the essay is the research methodology which ultimately has given me a working model which is logical and concise and of a cyclical nature which will continue to generate new ideas and resolved work and the … Continue reading

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Research point 4.1

The first part of this research point involves how many contexts of textiles I can find and taking photographs – this will be an ongoing point which will be upgraded over the course of the assignment due to practicalities. It … Continue reading

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Project 5 Context – initial notes

This is a project I am immediately interested in due  to my art history studies – how the context of a piece of art may change how we view it.  My course notes make reference to how we traditionally feel … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Hurley, artist – War Poppy Collection, National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire

Jacqueline Hurley is the artist whose work is being exhibited at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire from March to July this year (2017).  The work is a collection of mixed media paintings and has earned Ms Hurley the recognition … Continue reading

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Project 2 Exercise 2.6 Works based on place

This final exercise followed on from Exercise 1.7 in which I explored a landscape of my own choosing and took risks with techniques and materials that I am familiar with and now asks me to explore my own environment including … Continue reading

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