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Jennifer Collier – artist research and further reflection on the craft lagoon

During the course of checking my blog prior to assessment I have come across some artists my tutor’s have recommended looking at with Jennifer Collier being one suggested in my feedback for Assignment 1. Ms Collier is an interesting textile … Continue reading

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Artist research – Colours in the Breizh

I came across the work of Valerie Gardiner through one of the many Facebook groups I spend too much time lurking looking at a wide variety of textile and artistic work and trying to pluck up occasional courage in which … Continue reading

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Exterior influences: what lessons and influences have I gained from the study of other practitioners and how have I implemented these into my own work? What impact has doing this course had on my studies?

Throughout the duration of this course I have been encouraged to research a variety of practitioners with regards to their techniques, working practices and resulting works.  Initially I was unsure as to what the reasons were behind this research or … Continue reading

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Project 1: Exercise 1.7 Place

This last exercise in this first part of the course considers location as its theme but with the idea of using techniques I am familiar with to reflect the place I chose. I considered using various locations as a theme … Continue reading

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