Reflection on tutor feedback – Assignment 5

Writing this reflection on this tutor report seems almost quite strange – I have worked through this course at a pace that has suited me as it has kept me focused and interested in the work and with my Asperger’s brain that has to be a very good thing!

My tutor report was exactly as I expected with regards to the samples – I knew I was not entirely happy with any of them and had my concerns so I wanted to submit before I did any further refinements.  Suffice to say I have overthought and over egged the pudding – that was my fear in my critical reflections.  My tutor felt the samples were playful and exploratory but that they felt chaotic and thrown together and I totally understand her points – I was aware I was battling through a summer flu bug and on a time constraint and also not really sure how far to take the work or how complex so guess I really did throw everything at them!  My tutor has suggested looking at some of the artists I have researched including Valerie Gardiner, Barbara De Pirro, Billy Kidd and Lindsay Taylor and in particular their compositions and colours so that I can pull back my own work and produce more refined samples …… I feel less will most definitely be more.

Individual notes I took during my video feedback call about the above artists are:

Barbara De Piro:  use of composition – grouped bobbly bits around the edge; restrained and considered.

Billy Kidd:  black background brings image forward; pared back and minimal.

Lindsay Taylor:  very feminine work; linear and delicate lines; natural colours with brighter colours overlaid.

Valerie Gardiner:  use of a lot of brown with off white and hints of purple – accent colours bring definition whilst the off white pushes the main part of the composition forward.

With regards to my understanding of the creative processes and appropriate methodologies it seems it has really come together in the course and also my thinking skills have really developed  and hence impacted on my approach to creativity – my tutor has assured me that this will be realised in my making and it happens at different times for everyone.  My tutor was also happy that I have felt that the theme in this course that I chose for my final project is one that is really at the beginning of its creativity and that I want to take it forward not just in my studies but in my working practice – for me fungi are the corals of the land so I know I also want a sea theme to start to be created to run alongside a theme of beauty from decay.

My learning log has apparently demonstrated the aforementioned understanding of the creative process including the value of reflective thinking as well as my critical thinking skills and also analysis of the contextual research but and it is a big BUT it has been suggested I give myself time to make my thinking more focused and refined and consider with more depth my own work and that of others.  After my Skype tutorial in which my tutor recognised the fact that I am quite a deep thinker my fiance admitted to laughing as he had heard this part of our conversation – it seems he often hears the cogs in my brain working even overnight when I am thinking about something or trying to work something  out and I do keep a notebook by my bed as a consequence so my tutor is almost a little too accurate!!  I am aware of a need to restrain my thoughts and really focus my attention and consider simplifying some of my ideas so will take heed of this advice – I think it is a question of what lines can I take out rather than what lines can I add.

My drawing apparently is  working with a less is more approach much better and this is something I am really working on – I need to develop it further and apply it to my sample making.

Lastly it is time to prepare for assessment and hence there are notes at the end of the feedback in how to prepare and to thoroughly check everything including using all my tutor suggestions – this will be done in conjunction with refining my samples along with making a couple of new ones over the coming month.

Overall I am really happy with the feedback – it was exactly as I expected as said at the beginning and I am very much appreciative of the points raised as they make complete sense.  I need to ensure I do not muddy my colours and thing about accent colours or the background colours which enable the foreground to really come forward and pop – these tips will play to my strengths with colour and develop an area I want to be part of my developing personal voice.  I need to go back now and really look at the artists suggested and work on refining the samples whilst also looking in a bit more depth at those artists in terms of composition – the black  backgrounds of the photographs by Billy Kidd are particularly appealing.  I have kept a series of notes taken throughout Skype tutorial and these will be added to my sketchbook work as pointers to think about and really consider.


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