Reflection on tutor feedback – Assignment 4

On the whole this was a relatively straightforward tutor report and one which I breathed a sign of relief over with regards to my essay plan!

The essay plan was my major concern at this stage due to the fact it is a considered reflection on the course and how I have implemented the study of other practitioners into my own work – the study of contemporary practitioners is something I had not really got to grips with prior to this course but suddenly the penny dropped and it made complete sense.  However my tutor was happy with my plan and considered it well thought out and written and suggested I write out my essay in its first draft and submit it to her for initial suggestions prior to submitting assignment 5 – the final version was then to be submitted with the rest of the final assignment.

My work on Projects 5 and 6 with regards to context and the analysing of composition proved to require no amendments or refinements and my tutor was happy with the work done overall in terms of critical thinking and also analysis – I admit I did really enjoy both of these projects and found that the exercises led me through them in a logical order which enabled me to respond accordingly.

I am happy that my use of colour and  my desire to impose a sense of energy in my work is coming across through my sketches and paintings and this is something I want to continue to work on.

My tutor did suggest some further research with regards to Research point 4.1 into where textiles could be found – it was suggested that I looked at textiles in medicine, space exploration and personal protection garments and this has been consequentially done.

Finally my tutor has been fully aware of the fact I can be too literal in my interpretations and advised me accordingly with regards to the work approaching me in assignment 5.  My tutor also advised me to look at some blogs and websites with regards to that assignment and the research point.

Overall I am really happy with the way this assignment has gone and will approach assignment 5 with some trepidation whilst taking into account the points mentioned and suggested.

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