Artist research – Jill Bliss

Jill Bliss. Voice of Nature: Mushroom Art. Pinterest

This is a photographer who has come to my attention quite unexpectedly through one of my fellow students in the OCA Textiles Facebook group who felt that my work on fungi reminded her of the work of the photographer Jill Bliss – the student kindly posted the link to an article about her work on the website My Modern Met.

Ms Bliss is lucky enough to live and work in the Pacific Northwest and on her walks arranges a combination of fungi, flora and whatever other botannical elements catch her eye into a series of photographs that range in colour from muted and soft to bright jewel tones that speak of the variety of life that abounds in the environment.   Each photograph takes a variety of fungi and captures them in all their glory and in doing so you find yourself being able to see almost a microcosm of the life in that part of the world.

Jill Bliss. Nature Medley. Pinterest

As I look at these photographs now I do so post-tutor feedback for assignment 5 and consequentially find myself studying the composition and colours.

I find myself drawn to the fact that the colours are carefully arranged so that the accent colours really bring the arrangements to life – there is not too much colour that it confuses your eyes but enough of that accent colour to really focus your attention and calm your mind …. maybe that is what appeals i.e. the fact that these photographs are instantly peaceful and calming whilst retaining interest and fascination.

Jill Bliss. Nature Medley. Pinterest

In each photograph there is a different collection of fungi and the fauna or other botanical pieces and each is arranged almost painterly to build up and create an image that to me reminds me of appliqued fabrics of various patterns or manipulated gathered fine silks that have been carefully arranged on a dress or bodice – I feel there is almost a textile element coming though but fungi and fauna are the textiles of nature so this something for me to consider.

I need to spend time really looking at the website of Ms Bliss and focus my mind on how she arranges her work and the elements she considers important or what she may have left out and include her work amongst the other artists I have studied that my tutor has advised me to take another look at as I refine my samples.


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