Exercise 5.2 Written statement – planning

Planning and points to consider:

  • area of textile practice that the work sits within in – mixed media
  • the concerns of the body of work – theme is Beauty in Decay with an eventual concept of Medieval bracers for the resulting samples/pieces
  • ambitions for the work:  samples are reflective and impressionistic of the decaying logs and fungi of a local environment combined with the practicality of a decorative bracer – the arm serves in effect as the log on which the moss and fungi or bark grow whilst also getting across the viewer the theme through the techniques and materials used.
  • What have I achieved and what motives and ideas underpin it?  the ideas and motives behind the final resolved pieces result from an interest in history and art history and there was a desire to combine this interest with my textiles – this concept is at the very core of my studies and the aim of my eventual practice.  For the first time I have been able to take inspiration from historical clothing periods through research on the internet and paintings of a historical period, albeit found at this point discovered on Google images or Pinterest, and combine it with research into contemporary textiles in particular looking at other textile pieces done using a combination of techniques all of which resulted in a small collection of resolved pieces that have a decorative purpose – at this stage the pieces are not practical in the sense that as a piece of arm protection they would not be suitable but they take a practical piece of equipment (if a bracer can be called this) and really play with a decorative idea to convey a theme.
  • Where do I hope to take this is body of work? there is a feeling that this is only the start of the journey with this theme and I wish to develop it further both in terms of the bracers as I look to further refine the designs and add new ones and also to take this forward with one of my original thoughts of the theme being used to design a range of sleeves which could then form part of a larger costume.
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