Project 8 Review and refine: Exercise 5.1 Review part 5

The final part of my sketchbook work itself involved the simplicity of adding some further photographs taken of fungi at Ilam Hall …. this area proved to be a positive Aladdin’s Cave and fortunately my fiance has now got used to me getting excited when I find new forms and colours!

These photographs will prove to be useful references as this project continues long after the end of this course both in terms of stitching and sketching and may yet give further ideas for an additional sample prior to assessment.


Finally I worked a series of loose sketches thinking of colours, textures and to a lesser extent form and line – this is again in terms of further work but also reinforcing the areas of this theme which I am still entranced and intrigued by.  I am still working in a rough and loose style and now experimenting much further with a combination of pastel, charcoal and a water wash to blend either fully or partially to create different areas of texture.

I also did an additional sample of the thread-fabric and painted fabric but this time to remind myself to look at the back and this can be seen in my photograph above – the actual sample can be seen on the right of this smaller photograph which my fiance took and unintentionally left it the wrong way up but it also gave me the opportunity to consider that the ‘right’ side is not always right and the wrong may in fact be right!



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