Essay Plan – Exterior influences: What lessons and influences have I gained from the study of other practitioners and how have I implemented these into my own work? What impact has doing this course had on my working practices?


  • Main focus for the essay is the research methodology which ultimately has given me a working model which is logical and concise and of a cyclical nature which will continue to generate new ideas and resolved work and the requirement a searching and enquiring mind into the practices and work of other artists in a wide variety of genres.
  • Focus on core artists who have influenced my work – Yayoi Kusama, Velda Newman, Wendy Moyer, Jennifer McCurdy, Sacha Grossel, Martina Celerin, Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Laura Ellen Bacon, Judy Tadman and Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry with the additional influence of Takumasa Ono – these artists work with form or colour or explore their identity and environment in their own specialities.


  • What lessons and influences have I gained from the study of other practitioners?  thinking here of the work of the quilt and textile artists in particular with the boldness of colour which creates form and atmosphere or emotion or tells of a narrative without words.
  • Also considering the simplicity of the work of Takumasa Ono and his style of Sumi-e which also demonstrates how simplicity in composition and colour can also give a strong impact – simple restricted colour palette.
  • Study of ceramic artists or artists of other genres can create ideas and inspiration for 2-D or 3D work in terms of compositional elements or form – thinking here of Jennifer McCurdy,  and the Choi+Shine Architects with the crocheted sea urchins or Judy Tadman’s rope sculptures …. all have architectural but organic forms which despite the restricted colours used (mostly monochromatic due to materials chosen) all have a bold impact on the spectator.
  • Study of artists who use Fibonacci or Golden Section rules in their work starting to have a direct result – Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s quilts in particular at the moment are highly influential due to the combination of the mathematical sequences combined with the use of colour.


How Have I implemented these into my own work?

  • Use of colour is becoming every stronger as I want to explore different palettes to create differing impressions, emotions or narratives and to also explore a variety of themes which may have been considered as separate ideas or may have developed from one another.
  • Use of form and compositional elements using the research methodology to develop the ideas from basic samples through to resolved refined works.
  • Artists influences stretch into the compositions as I seek to find new designs – looking at the finished works I find myself now analysing the compositional elements to find potential techniques and skills that I may be able to use e.g. the use of applique, fabric manipulation or yarns couched or woven creatively .
  • Have yet to implement the Fibonacci/Golden Section yet into my work but feel that this is only a matter of time because of a continued fascination.


What impact has doing this course had on my working practice?

  • Part 4 has totally changed me – the research methodology now makes clear the importance of researching other designers/artists and also takes me back to my art history knowledge of how contemporary artists have influenced each others styles throughout the centuries and also pushed forward developments in terms of techniques and styles.
  • Rather than researching because the course material itself requires it my mind is becoming ever more enquiring as I find one bit of research into an artist opens the door to another who may have been a direct influence on the first artist.
  • Pinterest proving incredibly useful for finding artists/designers across a range of genres and with ideas that I may not have considered.


  • Practitioners strongly influenced own work through studying them due to the variation in genres and techniques – the study is no longer tedious but one of excitement as if going on a journey into an unknown world and bringing back the treasures to enrich the life you have.  Each lesson learnt or each skill or style noted is an individual treasure which can only enrich and enhance my own work and help develop my own personal voice.
  • Course has totally changed my working practice due to that study no longer being a chore as it is in combination with the methodology of concept, practical response, critical reflection and refinement/synthesis – as I seek to work on a concept or a composition I seek to find practitioners whose work is similar in either theme or technique in order to generate new ideas and further my studies and practice along with my core knowledge that will provide the basic foundations of all of my work.
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