Artist research – LuAnn Ostergaard

During the course of assignment 4 I have been looking for artists with a theme of decay, the sea, or botanical and this is one the photographers that I have discovered through Pinterest …. I used to hate Pinterest but now it has become a much valued and my ‘go-to’ source for ideas and artists as a starting point.

Ms Ostergaard caught my attention through her images relating to decay and entropy which I now understand to be a decline into disorder.   I found the images of rust and decay which can be seen at the link below particularly appealing due to the colours, the textures and the lines created by the decay of the object …. there is no set pattern or rhythm to decay and everything decays in a unique manner as the elements of the weather and the organisms take over and this is enhanced when combined with painted surfaces as the paint flakes away to reveal the rust, metal, wood or surface beneath:

As I looked through these photographs I realised that what is drawing me most is the variety of colours of decay – I spent a considerable time finding images to add to a Pinterest board and ended up with 92 images in one short period with colours ranging from soft muted tones to brighter more vibrant hues.  The textures of decay range from the rough to soft, battered, flaking, rubbed, torn, scraped, to mouldy and rusty – these descriptive words alone could potentially inspire a new set of works or sketches and many are seen in the work of this photographer.

The other gallery I looked at on Ms Ostergaard’s website was that of the botanical …. the vibrant colours of the flowers, fruits and plants which are often photographed in close up bring to mind some of the quilts of Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry or Susan Brubaker Knapp or the floral textile works of Lindsay Taylor.

Ms Ostergaard’s botannical gallery can be seen at:

The botanical images will directly inspire my own love of taking photographs of my own garden plants or ones that I see on trips throughout my locality – I love taking close up photographs or ones at differing angles that could inspire a variety of sketches concentrating on shape, line or colour.  I will do further study Ms Ostergaard’s website further for inspiration and lessons which I can use and develop to take more interesting images to inspire creativity.


LuAnnOstergaard. (date unknown). The Art of LuAnn Ostergaard [online].  [Date accessed:  July 2017].  Available from:

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