Artist research – Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor is a textile artist who was a former wedding dress maker and her works have a romantic quality that ties in with one of  my theme boards for Assignment 3 and 4.  I first came across the almost sculptural textile shoes and blooms a few years ago in a quilting magazine – the detail which she is meticulous about ranges from the hand-dyed fabrics, to the quilting, the felting and the embroidery whether free motion or by hand and this alone is inspirational as every small element is paid attention to.

Ms Taylor is inspired by the forests that surround her Isle of Wight home and apparently she often brings home twigs or leaves which inspire further works.  For the past 8 years or so she has predominently creating art works for museums and galleries and she is developing her use of digital media further in order to reproduce images of her work onto a variety of surfaces.

On the gallery on her website ( there is a photograph of a tea cup and saucer in the shape of a wild rose and its leaf … it appears to be a combination  of free motion embroidery perhaps done with watersoluable fabric, felting, possibly quilting for the saucer and hand embroidery.  Ms Taylor has managed to reproduce the shape of the bloom and leaf whilst creating a sculptural delicate object to be desired in all its extravagant simplicity if that makes sense?  the design is simple but the result is one of extravagance to have on view in a location where its detail can be perfectly highlighted.

An entirely different piece of work that is reflective of my Beauty in Decay theme is one titled Plastic Soup – it is a picture of a bird created through the use of found plastics, feathers and other items I question that may have been picked up either on forest walks or on the beaches of the Island.  The piece certainly tells of the nature of our throw away society and how it affects our wildlife in a very direct manner.  I like the variety of plastic textures that are used to create the feathers particularly as they are combined with old scruffy feathers – the bird looks worn and tired as fighting for survival.

At this point I am not sure how Ms Taylor’s works will influence my own – I certainly like her use of form and variety of techniques that she has used to create her sculptural pieces and I also really like the use of the found objects on the bird so there are elements of her work that I note I can develop or use as a base for my own projects particular my theme of decay if not directly in this current assignment but maybe in the final one.


Lindsay Taylor. 2015-2017.  Lindsay Taylor [online].  [Date accessed:  July 2017].  Available from:  2016.  Floral textile artists – textile artists inspired by flowers [online].  [Date accessed:  July 2017].  Available from:

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