Artist Research – Billy Kidd, photographer

Just a short post on this photographer is another I found through Pinterest – the immediate appeal was his photographs of decaying flowers.  I have taken many photographs of flowers as their blooms past their best and they edge ever closer to death and the images that Billy Kidd takes are enhanced by his use of lighting against the black background.

The photographs can be seen at:

The forms and colours of the decaying blooms are able to be seen in all their beauty in the photographs and this is without question something I have tried to do myself – I have used a black or grey card on occasions to try to capture those colours as they fade and create an impression not unlike an old theatre that is past is prime and unused.  For me the blooms have a theatrical element – they speak of faded grandeur with all the glamour of film stars that belong to a distant era.

Beauty in Decay I have said in earlier blogs will be a theme I am fully aware and recognise will be a part of my future work – I am intrigued by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi which is beauty in imperfection and this extends to beauty from or in decay. The shapes or lines of flowers in particular as they start to die to me are things to be celebrated and enjoyed as the blooms try to give their last bow before the curtain closes.  Billy Kidd’s photographs will no doubt make me look at my photographs again and see how I can improve them and how I can translate these images into sketches and textile works – can I somehow translate them into my current love of crochet? something to consider.


Billy Kidd. (date unknown).  Decaying Flowers – I was shot by Billy Kidd [online].  [Date accessed:  July 2017].  Available from:

Feather of Me. 2016.  Billy Kidd – “Decaying Flowers” [online].  [Date accessed:  July 2017].  Available from:


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