Artist research – Barbara De Pirro

Pinterest over the past couple of weeks has really proved to be an incredible source of designers and artists and Barbara De Pirro was discovered when researching my Beauty in Decay theme.

Ms De Pirro is lucky enough to be living in Washington in the USA in a rural area and has an extensive background in a variety of fields of design. It is the rural location which directly influences her current work which use reclaimed plastics to create a variety of biomorphic forms which reflect on ecological messages and concerns as well as making the viewer consider his/her relationship with their own environment.

I did not understand what biomorphic forms were but I understand them to be models or forms based on  naturally occurring patterns and shapes – this was one of those ‘you learn something new everyday’ moments!

The reason I am intrigued by the sculptural forms is that many of the pieces that can be seen on her website and  in galleries to me resemble fungi that can be seen on tree trunks or plants or fruits that as they decay twist and create new patterns and shapes.

Please note you can see the sculptural works of this artist at: and her paintings:

Ms De Pirro also creates installation pieces which can be seen at:  These pieces can have the addition of lights to emphasize the patterns, rhythms and textures or can be placed in trees or other locations – this directly reminds me of my work for Project 5 with Context and I can now see further how the context in which a piece of work is placed can really change or enhance how it is perceived.

In all of her work Ms De Pirro seeks to reinvent and transforms her chosen materials into something new whilst reflecting on the fragility or vulnerability of her environment and the nature that surrounds her. Interestingly some of the plastic bags have been crocheted into roots and vines for some of her work with the roots or vines winding their way up the tree  whilst some have been crocheted into apple like forms and both can be seen at the website below along with other works involving bottle tops and plastic bottles used in a similar vein to yarn bombing:

It comes as no surprise to see that one of the artists that have influenced Ms De Pirro’s work is Antoni Gaudi whose works involve architecture, nature and craft in a huge variety of brightly coloured organic forms in the Catalan Modernist style.  The colours and forms of Ms De Pirro’s art reflect this influence – some of the bottles and plastics used could easily become part of a stained glass window or the forms created by crochet could become one of the organic architectural buildings that Gaudi is so well known for.

Finally I am seriously fascinated in the use of plastics whether in sculptures or in the installation pieces – for me this is a desperately important environmental message and makes me wonder how I can recycle and incorporate some of my own waste plastic into my work … instead of throwing it away can I reuse it? how can I can I reuse or in what format?  there are questions to be answered and explorations to be had.


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