Hayato Takano – artist research

Hayato Takano is known equally for his music as his collage art style – it was the former that inspired the latter directly and has continued to heavily influence his artistic works.

Hayato was born in Japan and emigrated with his family to Australia aged just 10 and then aged 15 he learnt to play the guitar.  As it turns out Hayato was a talented musician that meant he re-located again to Los Angeles to study firstly at Berklee College of Music and then the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and -it was during this time he struggled financially and hence when it came to buying a present for his girlfriend’s birthday he could not afford anything.  However Hayato came up with the idea of using sheet music from his girlfriend’s favourite bands to create a portrait of a favoured artist – happily his girlfriend became his wife.

Hayato is an incredibly talented musician who loves all genres and can also play the bass guitar and keyboards – he is as equally respected on both of those as for his abilities in the studio or on stage …. this is of personal interest as my brother has played guitar semi-professionally for many years and I still play my flute.

Hayato Takano. Jimi Hendrix Songbook Collage Art.

On the subject of the collage art pieces as stated above Hayato uses the sheet music of his chosen musician subjects to create their portraits.   One of the themes of Parts 1 and 2 was music as an inspiration for art works and this using the music in a literal sense – the very notes make up the portraits as each phrase or section is cut and placed meticulously …. each piece takes around 4 weeks to make.

I have literally grown up with music and am able to read it relatively fluently so this use of sheet music as collage material I just think is inspiring and incredibly clever.  Hayato is fortunately in that a gallery which specialises in music has chosen to represent him and hence he has access to many portraits of musicians from which he takes his inspiration.

Considering my difficulties with collage work I can only have a deep respect for this artist and his incredibly detailed work.  The music notes could be easily replaced with words to create the pieces so for me these art works not only come under the heading of music but could potentially be termed as words …. the musical notes are the words and voices of the instruments and as such speak to the spectator as they merge together to form the faces of the musician.


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