Review of Parts One and Two

These first two parts of this course have been an introduction into a variety of new ways of working and drawing skills as well as developing research in using different methodology.

Regarding the research first of all  I feel this has helped enormously to broaden my understanding of the creative process as I have looked at artists I have not considered previously and also found new artists through Pinterest which has been unexpected.  I have dismissed Pinterest previously but now appreciate how it can be used both in terms of research and in terms of having an online pin board of ideas and images that I can refer to quickly and easily with a view to creative development or artist research at a later date.  The research has also shown me how different artists work and their creative processes as well as developed and resolved outcomes and in turn this is teaching me that repetition is a necessary part of these processes as well as the fact that inspiration can come from numerous different areas.  I am also reminded of my art history studies in that art does continue to develop and boundaries are now being crossed in numerous formats which is producing really exciting work  for our modern era – I can only relate this to perhaps how my grandparents possibly felt when they saw the work of the Surrealists.

Regarding the exercises and the 7 different themes in both parts of the course these have been fascinating to do as it has shown me directly how to use my own environment to create ideas and that those ideas can come from  music but not just music in the classic sense but sounds of machinery or natural sounds right through to an exploration of my own identity.  I am fully aware through my aforesaid art history studies of the fact that personal experience, locality and identity can strongly influence an artist but  now I am asked to use those themes and those influences in my own work through the exercises and at times it has been far easier said than done.

My strongest strength I feel is my desire to learn and to try to grips with areas of my development I still feel are weak such as the use of collage or mark making and this I feel I have been able to concentrate on particularly in the latter of exercises of Part 2.  My strongest area of my art I am aware is my love of colour but I want to develop how I depict textures and descriptive words that I note down – this is where I have felt very frustrated throughout both sections of the course.  I am also keen to further explore my response to sound with the use of my hearing aids – I have taken a keen note of the difference in the marks I can produce due to the sounds I can hear and rather than feel my hearing loss is now a disability I feel I can explore it as an advantage and ability which is akin to an artistic revelation for me. Finally I do feel I need to effectively force myself to be more creative with my use of media and to be more experimental – I still feel I am holding myself back somewhat but am finding as I step out of my comfort zone I am discovering exciting new processes and techniques but that comfort zone is still incredibly comfortable!

To summarise I feel Part 1 and Part 2 have given me a solid foundation of ideas and creative processes that as I go forward I want to explore further and develop as well as continue to do more research on the themes that have been the basis for the exercises. I also want to really work on what I consider my weaker areas because I feel they are potentially holding me back at this stage.

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