Reflection on Part 2

I have covered most of my thoughts in my blogs throughout this second part of the course and also the review of Parts 1 and 2 but thought it would be prudent to add some final reflections.

These 2 parts of the course and in particular this second part have enabled me to explore both my locality, environment and also my identity quite extensively and perhaps far more than I would normally feel comfortable with during the course of the collage work using the self portrait photographs.  However I am learning that exploring parts of your identity and your personality can have a huge bearing on the work produced through various techniques and media and in many ways I am starting to identify directly with how Tracey Emin produces her works – I was never a huge fan of her art but now have a new appreciation and am wanting to study her more although some of her more controversial pieces I am still unsure about on a personal level.

I have become aware that what I considered previously a disability I can now use to my advantage with my art work  – my hearing loss – and would also like to find a way in which I can either develop my artistic weaknesses so that they become strengths or use those weaknesses in different ways to their best advantage.  I am gradually starting to look at the work I am producing and feel I am wanting to become less focused on detail and more focused on looser freer work which in turn will reflect and have an effect on the smaller details.  I feel I am starting to really identify and recognise my weaknesses and am also more open to admit when I am struggling or just downright dislike a technique but am still prepared to try it again to see if I can start to like it and use it in ways that are experimental or developmental for my own developing style – yes I am talking about collage here!

I think the biggest revelation has been in terms of researching a much wider variety of modern artists of this modern era – my art history studies have proved very useful here as I feel I have a good solid foundation but now that is developing as I can apply the headings I used to use such as inside and outside influences, political, economic and social in terms of society and also development of processes to how I evaluate a current artist and their work.  I am also taking note of OCA blogs on how to read and evaluate textiles and these will no doubt help considerably in my research and the subsequent blogs.  I now fully understand the benefits of research and know that often one link about an artist leads to another and you can find yourself happily reading for considerable periods!

Finally I will reflect on the assessment criteria:

  • demonstrate understanding of a broad spectrum of textile techniques to inspire creativity – this is the area I feel has been in the background to an extent during this second part of the course although I have started to explore writing using machine stitching which is relatively new to me and I am aware of how I can improve my work should I take this technique forward (including using the appropriate stabiliser and the potential use of an embroidery hoop).
  • demonstrate skills in generating ideas through drawing and mark-making and textile techniques that illustrate a range of texture, tone, composition and line – this is the area I feel I have been able to demonstrate and this part of the course has concentrated on this specific area.  I am very much aware of my weakness in mark-making and am determined to improve these areas as I feel it will help me develop in my textile work and as an artist.
  • demonstrate basic skills in research, analysis and critical writing – I feel I need to improve my analysis and critical writing in terms of being succinct and to the point but do feel my research skills have benefited from my art history studies.
  • reflect and analyse your own personal development and creativity – again this is something I feel I need to improve upon but am starting to show that I am able to do this although I do find it difficult at times.

I am finding this course is really well written and flows well in terms of how the exercises are constructed and as a consequence it is having a positive impact on my work – I am wanting to go back and revisit sections in order to explore further because of the combination of techniques, methodology and some of the artists I have researched.


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